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For the past three decades, KTigers has travelled the world promoting global awareness of Taekwondo as a proud cultural heritage of Korea. Our efforts were, of course, not without difficulty—namely, those caused by the prejudices and negative view of the Taekwondo performances by KTigers, which are different from the traditional forms of Taekwondo. Thanks to the support of fans all over the world, KTigers is one of the most internationally beloved Taekwondo performance groups. Just as the Chinese Kung Fu or martial arts have established itself as a global cultural icon by being featured in movies, comics and games, it is the hope of KTigers that we are able to contribute to the emergence of Taekwondo as an icon of Korean culture that resonates with people regardless of culture or nationality. With Singapore as the hub, KTigers Academies will soon be available throughout Southeast Asia for those who love and support the art of Taekwondo. KTigers invites you to experience a new form of Taekwondo that blends traditional Korean martial arts with K-Pop.

- About Our Founder -
Grandmaster Anh Hak-Sun (9th Dan) is one of only 49 living grandmasters of Taekwondo. Having practiced Taekwondo since an early age, Mr Anh has made it his life’s work and mission in promoting the art of Taekwondo and encouraging a fraternal and positive spirit among the practitioners.
Grandmaster Anh started the KTigers Demonstration Team in 1990, KTigers has showcased brilliant acrobatic and K-Pop infused Taekwondo performances throughout the world.
In an illustrious career spanning decades, Grandmaster Anh has served in numerous capacities such as the coach for the National Team of the Korea Taekwondo Association in 2013, the Chief of the National Taekwondo Demonstration Team in 2014 and 2015, and Adviser to The Olympics Taekwondo and World Taekwondo Federation in 2018.

Ahn Hak-seon / Grand Master
Ahn Hak-seon / Grand Master
Ahn Hak-seon Sign