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What is KTIGERS?

KTigers was founded in 1990 as a Taekwondo performance team that performs versions of Taekwondo that are combined with diverse cultural media (K-Pop, acrobatics, etc.). Today, KTigers is the world leading cultural content provider in Taekwondo and represents Korea from the cultural perspective. This globally recognized Taekwondo performance group is operated as two teams: the Kukkiwon team, which is affiliated with the Korea Taekwondo Association and World Taekwondo, and the privately operated KTigers team. The Kukkiwon team is based on the principles of traditional Taekwondo, while KTigers is a proponent of “fusion Taekwondo,” or a modernized version of Taekwondo that is combined with martial arts and K-Pop dance. KTigers has an especially powerful presence on social media such as YouTube, through which it has become one of the world’s most popular Taekwondo performance groups. The KTigers program is comprised of five curricula: Taekwondo Poomsae, K-Pop Taekwondo, Demonstration Taekwondo, Extreme Taekwondo, and the KTigers Performance team. Those who complete the course of KTigers Performance team, which is also the most difficult, become eligible to participate in trial performances as a member of the KTigers team.
It is the only program in the world that blends taekwondo movements with K-Pop music.